30 Days of Dirt Roads: Bridges

It's a hot & hazy summer day. You're moving equipment from one field to another. You're cruising down the Dirt Road, not a care in the world. Then you look up. Through the heat waves and the sweat running in your eyes, you see a glint of steel on the road ahead. The Bridge. Oh ya,... you almost forgot. Time to go swimming. Here's the deal. A lot of the bridges on Dirt Roads weren't built to accomodate heavy farm equipment. Here's picture of my pickup sitting on the bridge on the Dirt Road that leads to our farm. IMG_2883 It's wide enough. But there's not a lot of margin for error. Here's another picture, with my pickup sitting in front of our air seeder. IMG_2872 Can you see the problem? Look again. Unless you have depth perception like mine, it's pretty easy to tell the air seeder is wider than the bridge. Even when the seeder is 'winged up', with the outermost sections raised in the air for transport, it still won't fit. So what's a farmer to do? Well, I think I mentioned swimming. 251309_10150602293840375_6345254_n The picture is from a few years back, & a little blurry, but I think you get the idea. When you can't go over, go through. I think there's a life lesson in there somewhere. Towel anyone? 30 Days of Dirt Roads continues tomorrow with a specific kind of Dirt Road. Bin sites. We'll see you soon on the Farm (& on a Dirt Road!) -Shauna Remember to take a peek at these other awesome ag blogs ... going on throughout the month of November. Start with 30 Days: Agriculturists Who Influence & work your way through the rest!