30 Days of Dirt Roads: Gaining Perspective

Today, I continue (finally) my blogging series... 30 Days of Dirt Roads. If you've been following along, you know my series got waylaid just a little with some news about my Gram. I'm happy to report she's home now, & doing wonderfully. Consecutive multiple 2 hour long phone conversations with various family members are, for now, a thing of the past. Travel plans have been tentatively cancelled. (Even though I'd love a visit with my BC, Canada family!) All is well. And I still intend to make good on my promise of catching up & ending the 30 Day series on time...which means you'll be getting twice a day posts several times between now & the end of the month! The last week has reminded me about having perspective in our lives. Or, gaining perspective. Getting a clear picture. Perspective is used as a noun, & can be defined as 'a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view'. As in, having perspective. Seldom though is perspective something we intuitively possess. Rather, I think it's something we acquire-- through experience, study, counsel, and often, trial & error. It's much the same as traveling a Dirt Road. I took this series of pictures this summer on my way to the field for my shift in the combine. (And now I'm totally busted with the Farmer. Sorry I was late, honey!) I could make this drive in my sleep. The scene with the little tree on the right is as familiar to me as the back of my hand. And viewed from a distance, the individual pieces go unnoticed. IMG_0776 The view is such a well know one I don't even notice I've driven it some days. IMG_0777 By continuing on the road though, moving a little closer, the colors start to define themselves. The blurred edges of the tree become sharper. IMG_0778 Now in full focus, this previously simple outlook becomes complex. Details like fence posts and weeds in the ditch are more defined. IMG_0779 And finally, after time and space are eliminated, individual pebbles on the road and leaves on the tree become intricate pieces of the puzzle. IMG_0780 I've often heard perspective can be gained from taking a step back. Viewing a scene, or situation, from farther away. But is it possible that clarity is denied when we insist on only seeing the big picture? That small details and nuances are missed when we keep a distance? And that understanding is elusive when we refuse a more intimate look? Just like this Dirt Road brought perspective to what was laid out in front of me, I think perspective in life can sometimes be gained by staying the course and taking the road less traveled. Just remember to wear your seat belt. To make sure you stay in the loop and don't miss any of the 30 Days of Dirt Roads series, sign up right below to get our free weekly newsletter. We'll send you a re-cap of all the posts in the last week, and sometimes a few extra pictures or an inside story we don't post to the blog. Thanks so much for reading. I'll see you soon on the Farm! -Shauna