Corn Harvest .... Kind Of

Corn Harvest .... Kind Of

My intention when I wandered down to the corn field, was to take some pictures of the corn harvest in progress to share in a blog post.  I had been given a reprieve from the field work for a few reasons.  We were cutting with a regular platform header...not a corn chopper, so the Farmer & Uncle Gerry were anxious to give it a spin & see how it worked.  Prairie Boy was home from school & running the grain cart.  And we were expecting company & our house needed some serious TLC after 8 weeks of harvest. (No really,... it was downright ugly!)

Besides the video that I shared on our Facebook page, this is the only actual corn 'harvest' picture I took.  Hey, there's a tractor.  And if you look closely, there's a combine too.  It counts.
Corn harvest in a Montana field.

I got sidetracked.  I couldn't help it.  There was something about the color of the Fall sky that day against the creamy hue of the corn husks combined with the late afternoon light.
Corn stalks in a Montana field.

And the burnt red on the tassels! Now I know where the crayon guy gets his inspiration.
Corn husks on stalks of corn in a Montana field.

Even the cobs that had been stripped of their kernels, then chewed up & spit out by the combine were rebellious,...refusing to be muted.
Corn cobs.

I know, I know, you think I need a little sleep, going on & on, about...corn. Or pieces of corn. But stick with me. There's something for everyone.

See the absolute order here. It's an obsessive/compulsive dream! Neat little rows. Perfect little lines.
Cut corn stalks.

Looking for a little R&R? Look at this picture. You can almost see the movement. If you're a Farm Family subscriber, one of the cuts you'll hear on the Farm Soundtrack later this year is the wind rustling through the dried corn. The only other sound was the hum of the combine in the distance & the occasional scream of a hawk as it hunted a mouse exposed in the cut stalks. Feel the breeze gently blowing your hair,...the sun warming your face? Can you smell the sweet corn & musty leaves? I'm serious here. Fire your therapist. Find a corn field.
Corn stalks in a Montana field.

Or how about a little entertainment? No pile of Autumn leaves anywhere has ever had anything on a windrow of corn straw behind a combine. The crunch is unparalleled.
Windrows behind a combine cutting corn.

The only thing that kept me from doing an olympic quality swan dive into this pile, was the ominous look of the left-over stalks. I could just see myself trying to explain that in the ER room.
Pile of corn straw.

But if you just have to be a realist about it, there's a good crop in there. The cobs, ground stalks & husks will be baled up for feed & roughage to help get the cows through the winter. Plus the actual kernels of corn will be tucked in a bin to be ground with protein rich peas & barley to provide a nutritional kick for the mamas when the temperature drops & the fall grazing is buried in snow.
Rows of corn.

I think Kevin Costner's character in 'Field of Dreams' was crazy. Mowing down a corn field to build a baseball field? Ya, ya... I get it, all hail the baseball Gods. But on a quiet afternoon, standing surrounded in the middle of a corn field, you might just find the real deal.

Have you ever been somewhere & unexpectedly found more than you were looking for?  We'd love to hear about it!  Leave a comment below & share with us.  And, feel free to share this post with a friend too.

We'll see you soon on the Farm!  -Shauna