Ice Flows & Vegas Strip Lights

The crazy weather this Winter, with all of the raining/snowing, freezing & melting, has the ice flowing in places it never has before. 

This flow is at the North place. 

I actually stood in the ditch to take this picture, but to the side of the ice. It's frozen, but with all the freezing/melting, I wasn't sure how solid it would be. 

And the ditch is pretty darn deep there. 

And I'm really not into that whole polar bear arctic plunge thing. 

I love how the cattails are still standing tall in spite of what must be enormous pressure. 

When the water isn't frozen here, it's moving. And somehow those slender stems withstand the flow of the water as it turns to heavier slush, then freezes completely. 

There they are...taking what life hands them, almost oblivious to the conditions around them... simply standing strong, doing what they do & carrying on. 

Seems like a pretty good example to follow. 

The contrast in color between the creamy white of the ice , the gray of the gravel road & the browns & yellows of the Winter foliage is spectacular. 

Everything in this country in the Winter is in permanent perfect sepia tones. No filter needed! 

The beauty doesn't end with the daylight either. 

If you were to drive by this spot at night when the moon is full, you'd see it glowing...like an extension of a moon beam, adding a bit of nighttime  glitz & glam to the sleeping prairie that not even the Vegas Strip lights could rival.

For now, the road bed is solid... a little slick...but solid. 

When the temperature comes up though & the water starts flowing again, all bets are off. 

It's just a small part of the ever changing landscape here.  One of the variables that comes with each Season,... variables that oddly, remain the constant. 

I'll see you soon on The Farm!  -Shauna