Does that title have you singing yet?  ….. Oh, what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling,….   Okay, I’ll spare you the rest.  But man,… it really was a beautiful morning!

I had a meeting in town first thing this morning with some wonderfully talented, heart centered, like minded business women, who also happen to be good friends.  Call it food for the soul!

Just as I was leaving the house, one of them called to say she was running a little late.  And what a gift it was.  Instead of rushing to town (because truth be told, I was running a few minutes late myself), I took my sweet time and stopped to smell the roses– well, actually, to take pictures of the snow.  But you get the gist!

We had snow overnight, and a heavy fog this morning, which made for an eerie picture facing East just as the sun was starting to burn it’s way through the clouds. After the super sub-zero temps the last week, and my last cranky blog post, it was good to see some sun!

I started Terry's pickup for him, and turned around facing West to drive out of the yard.

Quite a difference!  But that’s just how fast it happens when the sun starts warming up and clearing away the cobwebs for the day.  You can still see the remnants of the fog on the horizon of that West facing picture though.

Next stop, … smack in the middle of the road part way to town to take a shot across an open field. Lucky for me there’s not a lot of traffic out here.

And then another, back down the road towards home. I just love this little grove of trees, grouped around the curve in the road. I’ve driven it a thousand times, but it always makes me wonder what’s around the bend, especially on mornings like this when the frost is thick on the trees.

A little farther on, I took a few minutes for one of my favorite subjects.  This huge tree right at the edge of the river fascinates me.  Today though, it was spectacular!

And how often do you see a sky that blue?!

After my meeting, the frost was still hanging on the trees in town, so I decided to spend a little more time dilly dallying and drove to our North place.

Totally. Worth. The. Trip.

Can you see the sun sparkling on the snow?!  It was brilliant & breathtaking. (And not just because it was still only 12 degrees)

I managed to snap a few more shots before I headed home and back to the book work waiting for me.  (Which was another really good reason to be twisting off taking pictures)

A bright white rabbit jumped out from behind the clump of grass in that last one.  Darn good thing I didn’t have a full bladder, or it would have been ugly.

It WAS a beautiful morning though.  And I’m pretty sure everything’s going my way.  ♪♫

Make sure you take time to stop and smell the roses once in awhile, or play in the snow, sing a cheesy song, …. whatever it takes.

I’ll see you soon on the Farm!  -Shauna

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