Earlier today, I made a trip downstairs (which is really just a 4' crawlspace full of all the junk we don't know where to store upstairs), to check on the water pump. It was making sick sounds, & when I tried running some water, I found just a trickle coming from the faucet. You'll hear more about that later,...believe me. That's not what I wanted to share with you right now though. What I want to share now, is a lesson in persistence. This, my friends, is the definition of persistence. photo 1 That stringy looking stuff, tangling it's way through the trouble light, furnace filter & extra pipe laying on the ledge? (told you the basement was full of junk) Not string. We call it creeping jenny. It's also called perennial morningglory, bellbine, sheepbine, cornbind & bindweed. It's officially known as convolvulus arvensis, or field bindweed. This stuff is actually growing up through the concrete...or worming its way around to find the tiniest crack in the concrete. Persistent. See how it's wrapping it's way around the cord? photo 2 Persistent. It's not going anywhere. It throws roots about a bajillion feet deep, so it doesn't matter how much of it you pull or how often. It just keeps coming back. Here's what happens when it starts growing in a field. from phone 9-24-14 105 Or on a Dirt Road. Given a chance, it will take over everything in its path, including a seeded field. Farmers spend countless hours & endless resources controlling noxious weeds just like this one. 2014-07-15_12-24-35_347 And the real kicker, is that it's so 'pretty', you can find it planted in gardens as a decorative ground covering all over North America. I'm begging you,... please don't. 2014-07-15_12-24-57_26 Regardless of what you call it though, or how big of a pain in the butt it is,.... it is indeed persistent. It doesn't give up. It plants it roots firmly in the ground. It grows through every condition imaginable. It's practically impossible to deter. It can be knocked down countless times, & it keeps coming back. In a way, you have to respect that. And maybe even take a page from its book. Just don't judge me if I decline to keep the book in my library. I'll see you soon on the Farm! -Shauna