Salty, Crunchy Low Carb Snacks and 5 Health-ier Snacking Tips!

Salty, Crunchy Low Carb Snacks and 5 Health-ier Snacking Tips!

It’s hard to believe 2022 is here. No doubt it’s been a difficult couple years for everyone, but with the challenges have come opportunities to make improvements in each of our lives…to do better.

One of the areas we’re trying to do better here at the Farm is in the kitchen. Added to the pandemic craziness, has been a whole other level of our own chaos (that’s another blog post in itself, lol!), and I’ve found myself letting things slide when it comes to nutrition and a healthy diet, both for myself and our family.

Here’s what I’ve decided though. One step at a time. Yes, I need to make healthier meals. Yes, meal-prepping is on my ‘to-do’ list. Yes, adding more fruits and veggies to our diet is a priority. But I’m starting simple, and tackling snacks first!

Long days on the Farm mean snacking between meals. It’s just a fact when breakfast can be at 6am and dinner not until 9pm. The temptation to run through the coffee shop drive through for a mocha breve and a gooey maple stick instead of some cold water from my favorite Polar Camel and some crunchy low carb snacks is strong when it’s 10am and I’m HANGRY!

Here are five tips I’m implementing ASAP to get myself and the rest of the gang on track!
  1. A Healthy Snack Basket. Instead of miscellaneous granola bars, pudding cups, cookies and fruit snacks spewed all over the counter, I’m replacing them with a healthy snack basket. Jerky, protein bars, bananas, and the best salty, crunchy low carb snacks, our own Lentil Crunchers in 2oz resealable bags, will be included in our new grab-and-go-to’s.
  2. A Pre-Made Charcuterie Tray. Because it’s absolutely my favorite easy lunch, and because it’s a little heartier choice for my hungry guys, a charcuterie tray is a staple for us. Our favorite summer sausage, salami, ham, turkey, cheeses, and olives get piled high on a resealable tray. Paired with a few whole grain crackers and some crunchy low carb snacks like our Farver Farms Lentil Crunchers, it’s a perfect quick snack choice!
  3. A Pre-Made Veggie Tray. Since many meal kit companies won’t ship to our corner of the world, or if they do, produce arrives frozen and/or completely wilted depending on the time of year, I’ve teamed up with our local grocery store. Whether they stock the shelves with pre-made veggie trays or I ask them to make a custom tray for me at the beginning of the week, I’ll make sure there’s one in the refrigerator for sneaky snack attacks! Pro Tip: ready made hummus or tzatziki for dipping is a must!
  4. Clean junk out of cupboards. The holidays left a pantry full of party favorites, and it’s time for them to go. Pretzels, junky crackers, and yes, even the potato chips are out. What’s in it? Trail mix, air popped popcorn, and you guessed it, our Lentil Crunchers. They’re really just great salty, crunchy low carb snacks that leave you satisfied without sacrificing flavor. (My personal fave? Dill Pickle!)
  5. And finally, in case you missed the memo already, crunchy low carb snacks! There’s just something about a satisfying CRUNCH that curbs hunger. Or dispels boredom. Or soothes the savage soul. Or maybe some of all the above. Crunchy snacks are a winner... especially when they taste great. In the case of our Lentil Crunchers, you get the best of all worlds! A snack that’s crunchy, tastes great and is full of protein and fiber. Plus, they’re source verified – grown on our own farm and processed in our own processing facility! Check out all our flavors of these crunchy low carb snacks!

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