The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence

Tonight I finally squeezed in a walk just before sunset, and I was looking forward to some quiet time to clear my head a bit. 

As I headed out, I could hear ducks quack quacking up at the pond. They seemed to be scolding the geese honking overhead as they scattered from their 'V' formation....searching for a field to settle in for the night. 

The bulls were bellowing in anticipation of their upcoming Spring workload, noses in the air, sniffing and snorting. 

And the bald eagles, not yet ready to continue their migration North, screeched from the tall trees behind the house. 

Water gushed & gurgled from the overflow outlet of our springbox, the crystal clear water source for our house. 

A meadowlark sang its last evening song, making a hasty retreat as coyotes howled and yipped while the moon slipped into in a now silver sky. 

And a covey of huns, cautious as they too heard the coyote calls, flushed out literally just 25 yards in front of me. 

I heard the rhythmic sound of the gravel under my feet with each step step step. Then as I returned to the farmyard, the familiar buzz of the big yard light and the faint tune of a country music song carried from the open shop door on the chilly night breeze. 

I stood still ...just for a moment, listening, to the sounds of this silence. And struggled to remember what I set out to forget. 

I'll see you soon on the Farm! Don't worry, you'll get used to the noise.   -Shauna

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