This Can Only Mean One Thing ....

This Can Only Mean One Thing ....

I came home the other morning after a quick trip to town for groceries.

I had kicked our big dog Roper outside for a little fresh air before I left. He spends most of his time now holding down the rug in our living room, or cowering from scary noises next to the freezer in the back corner of the mud room.

I found this scene on the porch.

Do you see what's missing?

It appears I also left my muck boots outside on the porch. Notice I said boots, plural. How many boots do you see?

Roper has always been a fan of packing off any article of our clothing he can get ahold of.

He has a corner in the shop where he likes to stash his treasures. Over the years we've found boots, shoes, gloves, jackets, towels or swim suits left sunning to dry, blankets accidentally left by the campfire in the dark, and the odd pair of jeans that has been blown off the clothes line.

But in all that time, he has never chewed any of the things he's managed to squirrel away. Ever. He just likes to HAVE them.

When I discovered my missing boot, I asked Roper if he had it.