Strips of wheat on the Montana prairie.|

This is a Test, This is Only a Test

This post is a test of the Farver Farms seeding system. This is only a test. We're having some gorgeous fall harvest weather & things are in full swing here on the Farm! I thought I'd take a minute between loads though & share this quick little nugget with you. See that picture up there? On the far left, toward the top, you can see a strip of cut wheat. Next to it on the right, is the strip I was working on cutting when I took the picture. Next to that on the right, is what we call a 'test strip'. And on the far right, is the rest of the field, waiting to be cut. (Farmer Farver wants me to clarify that the green you see in the wheat is due to a late emergent weed we're having trouble with this season, not poor farming practices) Its a farmer thing. I've been reminded more than once that we can't have crooked drill rows, or a feather of uncut this one: IMG_1181.JPG Especially close to a road where someone else might see! Is it prideful? YES! Every employer everywhere should be so lucky as to have an employee that takes as much pride in their work as a farmer. Okay,.. back to that test strip. Notice there is no wheat at all in the test strip, only weeds. This proves the theory that it does indeed, pay to seed wheat. When you seed it, it grows. If you don't seed it, it doesn't grow. Yep,... Really. It also proves the theory, that when the air seeder operator, who may or may not be the farmer's wife, forgets to push the little red button to start seed flowing when she starts a new strip... well,... you see where I'm going with this ;) Speaking of going, it looks like one of the combines is full, so I'm off! I'll catch you next time, right here on the Farm... -Shauna This post has been a test of the Farver Farms seeding system. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.