Where Does My Food Come From: Brian Scott

Where Does My Food Come From: Brian Scott

And we’re back with another edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’

The part blog/part podcast series where we meet, and get to know Farmers & Ranchers from all across the Nation.  We learn about the foods they grow, and the connection to the products we put on our tables.

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where does my food come from
This week, our guest is Brian Scott.

Brian raises corn, soybeans, wheat,..and my personal favorite, popcorn, in North West Indiana with his Dad & his Grandpa.

Brian Scott

And while he spent some time away from the farm right after college, he eventually found his way back.  With some added skills that he gained while employed in the general work force, and the ability to take a look at the operation with fresh eyes, he was able to help make some adjustments and improvements that will help carry the farm into the next generation.

And speaking of the next generation, …. huge congratulations go out to Brian & his wife & son as they’ll be adding a new member to the family around harvest time.  And there’s a special significance to this new Scott sibling too– take a listen to the interview to hear about that.

Like many of the other growers we’ve interviewed, Brian shares his time with his community, and just recently joined the board of directors for the AgChat Foundation.  If you’re not familiar with AgChat, you can find out about their mission to connect and empower agvocates (advocates for agriculture) at www.agchat.org

To hear the full interview with Brian, just push play below.


In case you weren’t able to understand the part of the interview where Brian talked about his hobbies (the phone connection skipped on us a little) he’s got a serious thing going on with a Plymouth ‘Cuda that keeps him awake at night!  And I’m sure any of you other car restorer’s out there know exactly what he’s talking about.

My favorite part of this interview though (besides learning where my popcorn is grown!) was when Brian said “I’ve never met a farmer that didn’t want to be farming.”

[tweetthis]I’ve never met a farmer that didn’t want to be farming. ~@thefarmerslife[/tweetthis]

I think that speaks volumes about the farmers and ranchers across this Country, and the reason they do what they do….it’s because they love it.

Like I said in the interview, Brian is a huge resource… for other producers, but also for consumers.  He loves to tell the inside story about agriculture and to connect with people who have questions about farming.

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As always, thanks so much to all of you for reading, listening & following along.  We genuinely value the time you spend with us.  Be sure and drop us a line and tell us what kind of food you’d like to hear about and what kind of farmer you’d like to meet next.

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