Where Does My Food Come From:  Chet Hill, Williston Research Extension Center

Where Does My Food Come From: Chet Hill, Williston Research Extension Center

Update: Our winner of the two packages of lefse, from Granrud's Lefse, is Al M. Congratulations Al! It's on it's way! Hello! And Welcome to ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’ The blog series where we meet Farmers from all over the Nation, talk about the food they grow, & find out just how much we might actually all have in common! where does my food come from We want you to get to know, & trust, your farmer. Make sure to connect with us & join the conversations happening with the #meetmyfarmer hashtag over on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest: @farverfarms and on Facebook: facebook.com/farverfarms Our grower for this episode is Chet Hill. Chet Hill Chet is currently the Agricultural Extension Specialist, specializing in Agricultural Diversification at the North Dakota State University Research Extension Center. The Center is an 800-acre rain-fed farm located in northwest North Dakota near the city of Williston. And as their website states, the research they do there, “is intended to increase the producer's net profit, support crop diversification, and encourage more intensive cropping and irrigation development.” The irrigation research farm at Nesson Valley about 25 miles East of Williston, where 3 - 40 acre linear sprinklers were developed, is raising potatoes and sugar beets as a cash crop. They work closely with their neighboring producer to harvest crops. And the entire team at the Research Center works together to promote & support the ag industry…& to grow the potatoes for our Food Host in this episode. It’s a very unique relationship that supports the goals of both the Center and our Food Host….& you’ll hear more about how well that’s working in our interview with Chet. I already mentioned our Food Host, & as you know, each episode of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’, features a Food Host. They help make the connection between the food the farmers produce, and the products that consumers eat. The Food Host is either a product that's made from the type of food the farmer from that episode grows, or a store where you'll find the kinds of products made from the food our farmer grows. And the exciting part,… the Food Host for each post will be giving away food products or gift certificates to one of our readers or listeners! All you have to do is listen to the interview, & leave a comment on the blog, letting us know what you learned, or your favorite part of the interview. When you do, you’ll automatically be entered in a random drawing for whatever the food host giveaway is for that post. For today’s post, our Food Host is Granrud’s Lefse. For those of you who are unaware of Lefse, let me tell you, you’re missing out! Lefse is a traditional Norwegian delicacy, a soft flatbread, if you will, made from.. potatoes. It takes special equipment, & special skill to make lefse, & Granrud’s Lefse has been honoring that tradition, making the finest lefse around for over 30 years! Just ask my family,… it’s on the table for every holiday! You’ll find them at retail locations throughout Eastern Montana & Western North Dakota, & you can purchase directly online-- & get a lefse education—at www.lefseshack.com You can also connect with Granrud's Lefse at facebook.com/GranrudsLefseShack Granrud’s will be shipping out two packages of their delicious lefse, just in time for Easter, to one of our readers or listeners. We’ll be choosing a winner randomly Monday evening from those who leave a comment here on this blog post so make sure you do that right away! Let’s go ahead & hear from Chet right now…just push play below to get started! (The actual interview starts about 3 1/2 minutes in) [powerpress] I think Chet really hit the nail on the head when he talked about food choices, & there being enough room, literally at the table, for all the choices we have as consumers. And I just want to thank Chet again for taking the time to spend with us today. If you have more questions for Chet or would like to learn more about the Extension Center, you can find them online at: www.ag.ndsu.edu/WillistonREC or on Facebook at facebook.com/WillistonResearchExtensionCenter Remember, this week our Food Host, Granrud’s Lefse is giving away two packages of lefse to a lucky listener or reader. Leave a comment below, letting us know what you learned in our interview with Chet, and you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing. That’s all for today. Thanks so much for joining us,.. & make sure you join us again next week for another #meetmyfarmer edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’. I’ll see you soon on The Farm! -Shauna