Where Does My Food Come From: Erin Brenneman

Where Does My Food Come From: Erin Brenneman

Thanks for joining us again today for another edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’

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where does my food come from

Today my guest is Erin Brenneman, from Brennaman Pork, Inc. in Washington County, Iowa, and I can’t wait for you to hear this interview.



Do you, or did you used to think that your food comes from the grocery store?  If so, then you have a lot in common with this city turned country girl, who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.


Erin is now a ‘day one, farrowing specialist’ on their farm, and she’ll tell us all about that.

Plus we’ll learn about her favorite food…. and I’m going in search of some ham loaf so I can make this recipe!

Push play below to hear my interview with Erin.

By far my biggest takeaway from my interview with Erin, is her passion… for her family, for her animals, for her way of life, and for the privilege of producing food.  Erin is proud of the job she does, and the way she does it, and she’s proud of her industry.  You can hear the emotion in her voice, and you can feel it with her.

I loved what she said:  ‘there are families and people behind this that truly are dedicated and care about what they do’.

There are families and people behind this that truly are dedicated and care about what they do. @sowmomma 

Huge thanks to Erin, for taking us inside her world, and inside the pork industry.

If you’d like to follow Erin & Brennaman Pork, you can connect with her here:

Twitter: @sowmomma
Facebook: Brenneman Pork, Inc.

and you can read Erin’s blog posts about their farm on the pork network:

or over at the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance website, where she is a contributing blogger

Erin was just named a ‘Face of Farming & Ranching’ by USFRA, and says it’s a great site to look at to learn about where your food comes from!  And you’ll be hearing more from her soon there, so be sure to check it out.

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