It’s Friday, and time for a new edition of ‘Where Does My Food Come From?’

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where does my food come from
This week, our guest is Jake Penley.

Jake is a first generation cattle producer in Mississippi.  But don’t think for a minute that first generation means less knowledgeable.

Jake 4 Jake’s experiences working in feed lots & on cow/calf operations, combined with his education give him a skill set and a knowledge base that few ag producers have.

And his career in Extension with the Center for Technology Outreach is giving him unique and valuable insight into how the food farmers and ranchers grow reaches the consumer.

Jake & his fiance have put down their roots, and are growing their cattle business as the new generation of beef producers.  Take a listen to my interview with Jake to hear more about what they’re doing now as well as their plans for the future.

Jake 2

To hear the full interview with Jake, just push play below.


Jake’s passion for helping other farmers and ranchers grow their businesses and promote their products to their customers is easy to hear.  As is his dedication to helping young producers, and other new producers get their feet under them.  He’s a huge asset to the ag community, and one to watch in the future of food production!

He summed it all up in just a few words:  “If you have a question, ask the farmer, there’s plenty of them out there.”  And we certainly appreciate Jake spending some time with us to answer our questions and share his insights.

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If you have a question for Jake, you can find him on Twitter: @JakePenley

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