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Lentil/Pulse Resources

Lentils.  They're not just any superfood--full of nutrition, fiber and protein, affordable, versatile (you can use them in so many ways--not just soup!) and quick cooking.  Lentils are a member of the 'pulse' family, along with dry peas and chickpeas (or garbanzo beans).  If you've never cooked with them before, it can take a little practice.  These websites will give you a jump start though, and soon you'll be serving lentils like a pro! Recipes, resources, and our favorite,..a whole section just for kids! 2016 has been declared the International Year of Pulses, and this website is a fantastic way to learn more about all pulse crops...and especially lentils!  Pair their recipes with our Bare Lentils for easy, nutritious meal solutions.  Find nutrition fact sheets, and learn about pulses as nutritious, sustainable superfoods.  And take the Pulse Pledge (we did!) -- commit to eating pulses once a week for 10 weeks,... you'll get an awesome newsletter full of yummy recipes and tons of information you need to know! Need 5 more 'does a body good' reasons to eat lentils?  You'll find them here! Are you a numbers person?  You're going to love nutrition information you will...and won't...find here!

Wheat/Whole Grain Resources

You've baked with wheat flour for years.  Poured milk over cereal made from wheat for breakfast.  Maybe enjoyed it as hot cereal.  You've eaten it a thousand ways in hundreds of different products.  But very few of us have learned how to enjoy wheat just the way it comes out of the field-- wheat berries!  They're part of a heart-healthy whole grain diet, easy to prepare, and delicious.  Check out these 'wheat' resources to learn more! All things wheat!  From information about busting fad diets, to wheat foods for kids, to every resource you can imagine-- if you've got wheat questions, Wheat Foods Council has the answers! This is your Wheat Berrires 101 quick course!  Nutrient values, micro nutrients, health benefits and more! We know.  You've heard all about how wheat is full of carbohydrates.  These aren't your Mama's carbies though-- whole grains can actually have a surprising effect on blood sugar. Looking for more information about whole grains like wheat berries?  Find it here!  

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