Recipe: Crockpot Concoction during Seeding

Recipe: Crockpot Concoction during Seeding

So here's how it works during seeding around here.

This morning I made a run to town to drop off my pickup to have the windshield replaced. (Let's just say the Prairie Boy will be staging batting practice a little further from the house from now on.)

I also stopped for parts, made a quick deposit at the bank, paid a few bills and ran by the elevator to pick up a pair of gloves since mine got lost last night fixing fence after we chased the bull out of the yard after The National Honor Society ceremony at school for the Prairie Boy --or left at the seed plant when I picked up Durum seed, I'm not sure which.

Anyway, the Farmer drove the water truck to town to fill it & fuel it up. Then we both went in my pickup to the North  place to get his pickup to bring it back to town so I'd have something to drive while mine was out of commission.

He headed out to the West place with the water truck to leave for the sprayer running there.  I finished running errands & followed right after, where I picked him up & took him back to the home place where he got one seeder loaded, serviced & off to the field.

I went inside & made lunches for the both of us while he drew directions on a map for me to go open/close gates at the North place so the cows can move to the next pasture & greener grass.

Lunches made & plan for the next few hours in place, the Farmer heads off to service & fill the second seeder & seed the Durum I picked up yesterday, and I head out to take care of the gates.

Except, wait. Tonight is the Spring concert at school, right after track practice for the kids & coach Farmer. And I know there won't be more than 15 minutes between to eat. (This is the first time I've actually thought about this today, & the plan for closing gates is new since last night)

Back in the house to start the crockpot.

I almost always have some burger thawing in the fridge. It's so versatile...I can quickly turn it in to a million different dishes. Well almost a million.

It goes in the crockpot.

Along with some leftover rice & corn I dig out.

Some noodles & mushrooms that need to be used...

And some Alfredo sauce...I always make extra to have just for occasions like this. It keeps very nicely on the bottom shelf at the back of the fridge where it pretty much freezes.  (Or in the actual freezer)

I throw the lid on all of it, just like that, and will plan to give it a stir on my way through later.

One last thing,.. I check the freezer to make sure there's a frozen pizza, because I really have no idea how this crockpot concoction is going to turn out.

I leave the kitchen looking like this.

The laundry looking like this.

And now that it's noon, head back out to the pickup & my waiting gates.

I'll check back in later to let you know how supper turned out, whether I found all the gates, and if the kids make it to the music concert tonight in clean clothes.

And I'll see you soon on the Farm!  -Shauna


So here's how the rest of that day shook out....

On my way to close the gates, I stopped to help the Farmer fix a flat tire on the drill.

I finally did get the gates closed..... all of them.

Then headed back to the South place in time to spend an hour or so seeding.

Apparently Uncle Gerry had been dodging shed antlers earlier in the day.

These bad boys poke really big holes in tires & shut things down in a big hurry if you run over them.

I took just a minute to snap this picture of the neighbor's burning an old irrigation field.

 (Don't worry-- it looks pretty wicked, but they plowed a huge fire break around it with the disc.)

And made it home just in time for some of that Crockpot Concoction on my best fine china.

To my surprise (and my kids!) it tasted pretty darn good.  Although to be fair, almost anything would have tasted pretty darn good at that point in the day.

I sent the kids out the door (thank God for teens who drive!), made a quick trip through the shower, and  rolled in at 7:35 for the 7:30 concert.

Not sure if my percussion playing Prairie Girl was picking her nose there or what, but the concert was fantastic and definitely worth the effort it took to get there!

All in all, a super successful day.

And the best night's sleep I've had in a month :)

I'll see you soon on the Farm! (I'll be the one napping..& throwing random ingredients in the crockpot!)   -Shauna