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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own farm? At Farver Farms we believe everyone deserves to live their dreams, so we’re doing our best to bring you one step closer! 

Our Adopt an Acre Subscription assigns one of our farm acres to you to follow and learn about for an entire year, and provides an official Certificate with Township & Range coordinates for your Adopted Acre.   

You’ll receive a monthly newsletter about your acre with seasonal updates from planting through harvest, then we’ll bring it full circle through the Winter months to planting season again. You’ll get exclusive access to information like precipitation amounts, seeding rates, crop rotations & yields, harvest updates, sustainability practices and more, all topped off with lots of pictures to help illustrate what you’re learning.  

We’ve also commissioned a local artist to create a painting with a limited number of prints of our beautiful northern prairie and the area where your acre is located, with a numbered print reserved just for you.  

Of course we’ll also send along an 8oz Sampler of our Farver Farms Lentil Crunchers Snacks, and an Adopt an Acre sweatshirt. 

You won’t find a more intimate, personal or up close look at the inner workings of a multi-crop family farm.  If you’re a fan of ‘The Farming Game’, ‘FarmVille, or ‘Farming Simulator’,…. this subscription is for you! 

*Limited number of ‘acres’ available

*This subscription is for entertainment purposes only. It does not imply or provide land ownership of ANY kind nor does it give permission to provid input on management decisions. Information provided is at the sole discretion of Farver Farms. 

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Whether you choose our Lentil Crunchers Ready-to-Eat Snacks or our wholesome Lentil Meal Kits, you'll be eating the same nutritious whole grains we serve our own family. Grown on our farm on the prairies of extreme Northeast Montana, processed in our own certified processing facility, packaged in small batches, and packed to ship specially for you, these foods truly are... From our fields to your fork!