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52 Weeks In The Middle Of Nowhere | Life on the Montana Prairie Frontier

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Ever wonder what it is like to live in the middle of nowhere? 📍 Rural takes on a whole new meaning here and ups the difficulty level a notch or two. The population in our county (which is larger in square miles than the entire state of either Rhode Island or Delaware) is 1686. That's barely over 1 person per square mile. We're carving out a life in Montana in an area 14 miles to the Canadian border and 45 miles East or South to find another town of any size. And the top three towns designated by the Washington Post as 'The Middle of Nowhere' are within 90 miles of each other here in this unique place. 

That's why we are introducing "52 Weeks In The Middle Of Nowhere". This subscription will give you a deeper look at life on the farm and our larger region and what it's like to work and live in such a remote area, the Montana Frontier Prairie Frontier. You'll be added to a special Instagram feed for subscribers only where you'll get weekly insider video clips of daily life with more access to our frontier family, rural community and the Middle of Nowhere than anyone else! You’ll also be subscribed to a monthly Newsletter from Nowhere where you’ll get the closest look possible from the 
Middle of Nowhere with pictures, stories and local happenings, plus first access to customized vacation packages to our corner of the world!  Join anytime during the year, your access to the Instagram feed and Newsletter from Nowhere will be good for 52 weeks.

When you subscribe, we'll also be sending you a Farver Farms 52 Weeks tee-shirt, a bag of our exclusive coffee blend roasted just for us by the folks at Wild Calf Coffee and a 2oz variety pack of our Lentil Crunchers Snacks, made from lentils we grow right here on the Farm!  Plus we’ve created a Farver Farms 52 Weeks yearly planner just for you that keeps your days organized while encouraging adventure and finding your own way! 

All in all, you're getting full access to life in extreme rural America, and the real reel when you're farming, ranching and living in The Middle of Nowhere!

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Whether you choose our Lentil Crunchers Ready-to-Eat Snacks or our wholesome Lentil Meal Kits, you'll be eating the same nutritious whole grains we serve our own family. Grown on our farm on the prairies of extreme Northeast Montana, processed in our own certified processing facility, packaged in small batches, and packed to ship specially for you, these foods truly are... From our fields to your fork!